How to Make Flossing Fun

Many people have difficulty adhering to a flossing schedule. While dentists generally recommend flossing every day, it can be a struggle to stick to a routine, and some people admit they’d rather spend time scrubbing the bathroom than cleaning between their teeth. However, it is important to develop good dental hygiene habits, including regular flossing, […]

Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Healthy Teeth & Gums

The human body needs a wide range of vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health. Since your physical well-being is linked directly to your oral health, it’s essential to understand the critical role nutrients and vitamins play in supporting healthy gums. Ideally, you will get these from the foods you eat as they are the […]

Common Causes & Treatments of Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a gum disease caused by bacteria in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene, plaque, and tartar can lead to an excess of bacteria collecting along the gum line. Given time, bacteria will begin to damage teeth. As the bacteria spread, the gums often become inflamed and irritated. Inflammation of the gums can cause pockets […]

What Can Intraoral Cameras Do?

Dental care has changed significantly with the help of innovative technologies. The intraoral camera is one such breakthrough that has become an invaluable tool for many different reasons. With an intraoral camera, dentists can get clear images of your teeth and gums for more accurate dental records. Intraoral cameras also make dental care a more […]

What You Need to Know About Dry Mouth

If you’ve been experiencing a dry feeling in your mouth and throat, you probably have xerostomia. This condition is commonly known as dry mouth. It affects around 10% of the population, with the figure rising to 20% among older adults. It’s also more prevalent in women. Apart from a dry mouth, other symptoms include bad […]

What is Preventive Dental Care?

Oral health plays a significant role in the beauty of your smile and your overall well-being. However, tooth decay and gum disease can wreak havoc on your smile and affect your quality of life. Although they are treatable when caught early, it is better to prevent oral health issues before they occur or become more […]

An Overview of Preventive Dental Care

A healthy and beautiful smile boosts your confidence and supports your overall wellbeing. By practicing proper oral hygiene and attending regular checkups, you can keep your smile healthy as well as the rest of your body. When you have a dental infection, the bacteria can spread to the rest of your body, leading to a […]

All You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy

Many people often feel apprehensive when their dentist suggests root canal therapy. After all, most people have probably heard the old cliché, “I’d rather have a root canal.” Although many people think it is painful, root canal therapy is a pain-relieving treatment and surprisingly more common and safer than you think. What is Root Canal […]

What is the Difference Between a Filling and Inlays and Onlays?

You are probably familiar with dental filling since many people have at least one, but you might not be aware of the different types and how they’re used. Besides ordinary fillings, you can also restore your smile with an inlay or onlay. Read on to learn more about these types of restorations, and when your […]

What to Do About Sensitive Teeth

Millions of adults suffer from tooth sensitivity. When you eat hot or cold substances, you can experience sharp, temporary pain. Many things can cause sensitive teeth, and fortunately, there are ways to reduce it. First, consider the variety of things that could be the source of your dental sensitivity. What Causes Sensitive Teeth? Teeth sensitivity […]